Rev Bob Kenway's Retirement
After 40 years of ordained ministry - 25 of which have been spent in Calne- Bob will be retiring next July (2022).  Please pray for him, Sadie, the PCC and the benefice team as they prepare for this.

Church Cleaning
Unfortunately, Pam Cowdery and Di Nicholls have needed to step down from the church cleaning team ('cleaning angels'!) for health reasons (and we thank them for all the hard work they've put into cleaning the church in the past) so if anyone is able to help out that would be great.

You will be aware of the tragedy that has befallen Myanmar this past year following the military takeover there. Mala, who is a member of the PCC, has family roots in Myanmar and is very involved with the Anglican church there. I'm hoping this can be a focus for us in the parish over the year ahead.
We are very pleased that the Parish was able to raise £1350 to send to Myanmar where it is being used in the Hpa-an Diocese to give a family some pigs that they can use to increase her income.  Some of the money is also being used to buy rice for those in need and for Covid-19 recovery.  We have had a letter of thanks from the Bishop in Myanmar.

A prayer for the nation and people of Myanmar

Lord of the heavens and the earth,
we give you thanks and praise
for the rising from the dead of your Son Jesus Christ
and for the never-ending love he offers us all.
Grant, we pray, resurrection life to the nation and people of Myanmar,
that sadness may turn into joy,
aggression into amity,
despair into hope,
and anxiety into calm,
that the people may be reconciled.
This we ask in the Name of the Risen Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit
One God, now and for ever. Amen. 

Holy Trinity Churchyard

Holy Trinity Churchyard is now being maintained by Calne Town Council

St Edmund of Abingdon

Wikipedia will give you a full account of St. Edmund and his place in history! Click here


Below is a picture of 'Perry', the peregrine falcon which uses St Mary's tower as a perch to look out for lunch!  (photo Mark Briscoe)

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