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Bible Book Club

Will you join our Bible Book Club? In advent we are launching a Bible Book Club supported by Bible Society material. Each month we will read one book of the Bible and we will use reflections and questions from the Bible Society to help us think about familiar passages in new ways. We will include these resources in the monthly newsletter. At the end of each month, ‘Zoom’ meetings will be arranged with an opportunity to talk about the book we have read. We know that computer meetings do not suit everybody; as an alternative why not partner up with someone you could talk to on the phone or on the doorstep (or in more normal times, in your home!) to have short conversations about anything new you have discovered in the passage?

For December/January we are starting with Mark’s Gospel as this is the Gospel for the new church year which starts in advent. Please see some Bible Society questions on the page opposite. Mark’s Gospel also has the advantage of being short so it should be a good place to start! This is a great opportunity to grow in faith together as a community over the winter months.

From Bob, Teresa and the Prayer & Discipleship Group.

Additional resources are available at: or please contact Liz Roberts (07876 196505 or for printed resources or help finding someone to partner with.

Also, Steven & Jenny are running a ‘Zoom’ Bible study on Mark starting Thursday 26th November at 7.30pm: please contact them on if you would like to join – all are welcome!

Mark’s Gospel, like all of the gospels, tells the story of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Mark’s Gospel places a particular emphasis both on discipleship and on walking the way of the cross in the footsteps of Jesus. Strikingly it neither has any birth narratives (it begins abruptly with the message of John the Baptist) nor any real resurrection narratives – since the women, arriving at the tomb, find it empty and are asked to go and proclaim Jesus’ resurrection to the disciples in Galilee but instead they ran away afraid. Mark’s Gospel has a few alternative endings. The original manuscripts end at 16.8 but later manuscripts provide both an extra shorter and an extra longer ending. Their style is so different, however, that it seems unlikely that they are original. Most scholars would date Mark’s Gospel either to just before or just after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 ad. Thoughts and questions:  One of Mark’s favourite words is ‘immediately’ (see Mark 1:12) – look out for other instances as you read through the book;

What did you think about the ending of Mark? Do you think it should stop at 16.8 or did you prefer one of the other endings? 

Talk about Mark’s portrayal of the disciples. Do you think he was fair about them? Which of them, if any, did you feel the strongest relationship with?  Did you read anything in the book that touched you, expanded your faith or made you think more deeply about your life and how you live it?

Perhaps you could put a date in the diary to talk to a friend about these questions in the last week of January; also look out for information on ‘Zoom’ meetings in the weekly parish sheet during January.







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